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CTE is sometimes misunderstood as formerly vocational education (Votech) of the past. Today's CTE is much more robust and rigorous, no longer limited to non-college bound high school students or those interested in trade skills only. CTE has a greater focus on academics and job market relevance. In fact, CTE is considered a bridge to college. Since CTE students are prepared prior to graduating from high school with a plan that includes an EDP, apprecticeship, paid/or non-paid internship, employability, or a post-secondary institution. CTE continues to impart student learning experiences that can assist in the college admissions process, demonstration of mastery skills through internships, college credits, or certifications.
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solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse

On Monday, April 8th, 2024, our region will experience a significant astronomical event: a solar eclipse.



Together we learn through innovative opportunities and strong relationships.  We will...
build capacity to engage all learners, recognizing their unique backgrounds and experiences.
We will foster a culture of innovation at the classroom, building, and district level.